Air operating company

Headquaters: ESTONIA,
SOLE STR., 76-22, 10314 TALLINN

TEL/FAX (Mon-Fri 06.00 - 17.00 UTC, Sat-Sun 07.00 -13.00 UTC):

OU Marvecom is your reliable partner in the business of aircraft ground handling as well as cargo, passengers and VIP charter flights in Estonia, Russia and Belarus.

Our commitment to provide premium air services has continuously been the guiding vision of OU Marvecom since 2000. Our dedicated and experienced personnel will find the best solutions for your business requirements.

The purpose of our site is to provide our clients with information we believe to be accurate to assist them in aviation industry.Total confidentiality of information about our clients is a principle of Marvecom company.

We guarantee inaccessibility of the information about cargo and passenger to other parties. Information about the customer is available only for those employees operating your order directly. Our internal policy of confidentiality provides personal responsibility for all employees involved in operations.